C2C4C: Back on the Road and Bigger Than Ever

Rides have raised more than $12 million to help fund cancer research worldwide to date
Aug 1, 2022 11:00 AM ET

Originally published on Bristol Myers Squibb News & Perspectives

This year, C2C4C is back and bigger than ever.

Nearly a decade ago, the first Coast 2 Coast 4 Cancer cycling event began with 53 employees riding 3,000 miles across the U.S. to honor loved ones impacted by cancer by raising funds for cancer research. Now in 2022, there are more than 350 participants from 23 countries, covering more than 6,000 miles for cancer.

Where did all those volunteers come from? Riders in Europe joined the efforts in 2016 with the first Country 2 Country 4 Cancer ride, and colleagues in Japan debuted the Continent 2 Continent 4 Cancer ride in 2021.

Collectively, the bike rides are known as C2C4C and have raised more than $12 million for cancer research worldwide benefiting charities that fund leading-edge cancer research in their region of the world.

Expanding to new locations

As the 2022 season kicks off, C2C4C is expanding to include Latin America, where more than 65 employees will alternate riding in Chile between Puerto Varas to Pucón for nearly 1,800 kilometers, with the goal of raising funds for organizations that are members of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC).

"For nearly a decade, C2C4C has consistently evolved as has our long-standing commitment to cancer research, and 2022 is no different,” said Winselow Tucker, senior vice president, Intercontinental, Bristol Myers Squibb. “We are excited that our colleagues in Latin America will join hundreds of Bristol Myers Squibb employees around the world and participate in the life-changing C2C4C experience.”

However, these events are more than just bike rides. Patients are the driving force behind our employees’ efforts to volunteer their time to train, fundraise and pedal in these epic journeys.

For many, the motivation to participate and advance cancer research is personal. Some are riding in honor of those who have lost their lives from cancer or are currently battling the disease. Others are survivors themselves.

Jonathan Siade-Cox, senior territory business manager, Hematology, is riding in honor of his sister, who was diagnosed with angiosarcoma while eight months pregnant with a baby girl in 1995. “At the time, awareness was low and there was little information available on treatment options,” said Jonathan. “Each year there are advances in cancer research and my hope is that we will reach a point when regardless of the cancer type, doctors will know what to do. Participating in this ride is one way I can do my part to help make this hope a reality.”

Worldwide efforts

In addition to the new ride in Latin America, C2C4C returns this year to Europe, where more than 90 riders from 16 countries will kick off the rides on September 2 in Munich, Germany, and finish 18 days later in London, England, covering nearly 2,200 kilometers.

In Japan, seven teams of more than 70 employees will ride C2C4C again, starting September 22 in Makuhari, Chiba, and culminating 21 days later on October 12 in Otemachi, Toyko after nearly 2,100 kilometers.

"We are excited for C2C4C to return to Europe and Japan this year and to offer this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to more colleagues in those regions,” said Catherine Owen, senior vice president, Major Markets, Bristol Myers Squibb. “This unique experience deepens their patient-centric dedication while cycling together with colleagues and raising funds to advance cancer research for the Union for International Cancer Control in Europe and CancerNet Japan."

In the U.S., nine teams of riders will relay across the country from September 7 through October 3, starting in Cannon Beach, OR, making their way across the Rockies, and crossing the finish line in Long Branch, NJ, 27 days and nearly 3,000 miles from the start.

“The riders have already spent countless hours training for the arduous miles they will encounter riding in the varied terrain across the United States. By August, riders will be spending more than 12 hours training each weekend and I couldn’t be more inspired by their dedication and perseverance,” said Adam Lenkowsky, senior vice president and general manager, U.S. Cardiovascular, Immunology, and Oncology Commercialization, Bristol Myers Squibb. “I’m honored to be able to ride alongside them once again this year.”

All funds raised in this year’s C2C4C ride will benefit the V Foundation to support their groundbreaking cancer research programs and mission to achieve victory over cancer.

“Our riders inspire me with their tireless dedication to doing more for patients,” said Chris Boerner, executive vice president, chief commercialization officer, Bristol Myers Squibb. “I’m honored to be part of a company that makes patients a priority in its business and its culture. C2C4C reflects the importance of our patient-centered culture among our workforce, and I’m not surprised at all to see the rides continue to grow, with all the passion of the teams driving them.”

For more information on how to support an individual rider, an entire team or the rides, visit:

Europe Country 2 Country 4 Cancer
(September 2 – September 19)

U.S. Coast 2 Coast 4 Cancer
(September 7 – October 3)

Japan Continent 2 Continent 4 Cancer
(September 22 – October 12)

Latin American Continent 2 Continent 4 Cancer
(November 30 – December 14)
www.uicc.org/c2c4cla (website launching September 16)

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