Building the Female Leaders of Tomorrow at General Motors

Aug 26, 2019 1:00 PM ET
Campaign: GM Diversity

Building the Female Leaders of Tomorrow at General Motors

At General Motors, diversity is crucial to our success. We believe that diversity in all its dimensions — including of thought and experience — creates a stronger workforce and promotes fresh, innovative thinking.

“Diversity is all about the pipeline. And it’s not just about gender, but about all forms of diversity,” said Mary Barra, GM Chairman and CEO. “At GM, when we search for executive candidates, we require a diverse slate. If we find that a position has no diverse candidate, I ask the question, ‘What are we doing so that three years from now there will be a diverse candidate to consider?’”

On this Women's Equality Day, we continue to unleash the incredible talent within GM by striving for gender equality and generating inclusive thinking from the top down, and we give our employees the freedom to develop innovations that can make the impossible possible. Engaging everyone in our workforce, and having leadership that represents the people in our communities, creates a culture where every employee can thrive.

Gender equality is more than a hashtag. It is the work we do every day to create gender parity across our entire company — on the manufacturing floor and in the boardroom. It’s having two women lead as CEO CFO, being ranked No. 1 for advancing women in the workplace, and having no gender pay gap. 

Our organizational framework and employee resources sustain long-term commitment from our employees, and ultimately long-term value for our business.  

GM has established policies, developed programs and set statistical benchmarks to reach greater gender equality and diverse representation.

That’s equality in action, and we’re committed to continued progress. 

To learn more about GM's approach to gender equality and all its efforts to foster an inclusive environment, check out our latest Sustainability and Diversity and Inclusion reports.