Build a Green Business by Helping Others Go Green as a Certified Eco-Consultant

The Best Green Job is One You Make for Yourself
Aug 2, 2011 12:43 PM ET

Looking for a green career or business to start? Try this one with GoEco Certi…

From Glenn Croston's blog at Ecopreneurist

We live in challenging times and people are seeking jobs anywhere they can. Necessity is a powerful mother of invention, and there is plenty of necessity to go around, with unemployment still stubbornly high. After sending out countless resumes more and more people are realizing that the best new job is one they make for themselves by starting their own business. And as people reevaluate the direction of their lives, they’re finding that they don’t want just any job or business; they want a business or career that means something, one that has a purpose as well as paying the bills. Becoming a Certified Eco-Consultant could be the answer they are looking for.                                                                                                   The ideal business to start fills an important need, a market that exists today. Greening of our homes and businesses fits this description to a T. We’re wasteful at work and at home, throwing away valuable resources that could be easily saved with a nudge in the right direction. We don’t turn out the lights, we waste paper, and we waste water. All of this waste costs us a great deal of money as well as taking an environmental toll, which means it’s an opportunity that’s ready for the right people to take it on.    If it’s such a big opportunity, then why don’t people make these changes? One reason might be that our intentions are good but our habits are bad. We are simply used to doing things a certain way, and changing these habits takes effort. People also have many wrong assumptions about going green that can hold them back, believing that going green is difficult, expensive, and doesn’t work well. And finally, they lack the tools and knowledge to get the job done.    While most of us believe that going green is the right thing to do, few of us want to make a full time job of it or spend a great deal of money at it. We need a little help. Eco-consultants can provide this help by changing habits, changing minds, and changing the information we have to make greening your business or home easy and profitable.    GoEco Certified based in Newport Beach, California, offers regular training courses on the internet to become a Certified Eco-Consultant.  As an internet-based training system, their courses are available to people everywhere without the cost of travel, and according to the schedule of the student. The flex training course over four weeks allows students to review the material on their own schedule every week, while the live course allows students to log into a virtual classroom with the instructor every week to interact more directly. Students get follow up after the course is complete, and help like marketing materials to get their business started quickly.                                                       When I took a look at the outline for the course, it was dominated by the practical steps Eco Consultants need to get a business going. Most of us have heard plenty about the problems in the world, often living them first hand. Practical solutions like this are what we all need, and what an Eco Consultant needs to take their business from an idea to a success, including specific doable steps about marketing, pricing, planning, competition, and bringing in money.   “I really had doubts about this class when I first started, and now that I have taken it I wish I would have known about this a year ago!” said Nicole in Southern California. “Great stuff they are teaching and I love how they explain everything in detail and make it so the average person (like me) can start helping businesses and homes with their green futures.”   We face great challenges both in our economy and the environment. While some still believe that you can either do the right thing for the environment or make money, more and more people are finding that you can do both, and that we need to do both.  We need both a strong economy and a healthy environment to live in, and shouldn’t be asked to choose one or the other. Becoming a Certified Eco Consultant is one way for more people to take charge of their lives, moving our economy and our environment in a positive direction, and moving us all along with them.   Glenn Croston is the author of “75 Green Businesses” and “Starting Green”, helping businesses and entrepreneurs to start green and grow greener through consulting and communications help at Starting Up Green ( 


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