Brita Celebrates World Ocean Day With New Beach-Cleaning Bot

By Laura Keller, Brand Experience Integrator
Jun 11, 2024 3:45 PM ET
Two images of volunteers on a beach collecting waste from the robot and talking together. Brita logo central.

Brita’s efforts to make water better for people and the planet have come to life in the form of a beach-cleaning robot.

Fully electric and operated remotely, the BeBot — the newest innovation in litter removal technology — will comb beaches and remove litter of all shapes and sizes, including food wrappers, cigarette butts, aluminum cans and plastic water bottles. It cleans 32,000 square feet per hour, raking through sand without disrupting the beach environment. Removed litter collects in the BeBot’s basket and is analyzed by partners to understand potential sources and recycle what’s possible. Insights from the initiative are being used to raise awareness of plastic litter threats to coastal communities and to engage consumers and policymakers in finding solutions to plastic waste.

The litter removal robot, unveiled on Earth Day in partnership with the city of Detroit and Council of the Great Lakes Region, was made possible by generous funding from The Clorox Company and support from Midwest retailer Meijer. This initiative is part of the largest deployment of eco-friendly and remote-controlled devices across multiple states in the region. Our company’s investment will support the deployment of the BeBot on Belle Isle in the Detroit River for the 2024 season, which runs from April to October.

To see the BeBot in action and find out more about the BeBot initiative, visit the Belle Isle Conservancy website.