A Bright Idea for a Sustainable World

We're barely into 2012 and some sustainable initiatives out there are already making the world a brighter place.
Jan 9, 2012 1:02 PM ET
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Posted by Antonio Pasolini

There are around 1.5 billion people across the globe without proper access to electricity. With those people in mind, New York-based Studio Kalkwijk has created WakaWaka Shine Bright, a solar-powered LED light designed to replace kerosene lamps. These can be unsafe, damaging to health and a source of greenhouse gas emissions. WakaWaka means 'shine' in Swahili language.

The idea is similar to LuminAID and Sollight and the product should reach the market at the cost of US $10, or the same amount that it would take to run a kerosene light for two months. The main advantage of the WakaWaka light is that when it's charged during a full day it will shine for 16 hours. It beats solar pebbles, which shine for 12 hours, and other solar lights that often last four to six hours.

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Antonio Pasolini is a Corporate Social Responsibility writer for Justmeans. A media graduate with a specialization in film and TV, Antonio Pasolini is the editor of Energyrefuge.com, a top web destination for alternative energy products, news and commentary. With more than a decade's experience in journalism, Antonio has written on a wide range of topics, from technological breakthroughs by the brains at MIT to a trip to sustainable projects in the Amazon. One of his new projects involves an eco print magazine to be distributed from a selection of London shops.