Bridge Down, Spirits Up: Canteen Truck Delivers Kindness

Apr 3, 2024 11:00 AM ET
canteen truck workers in red safety vests

Baltimore held its breath as the news spread. The bridge collapse threw the city into chaos. First responders swarmed the scene, a beehive of activity in the dark of night. But amidst the flashing lights and sirens, a familiar sight brought some welcome relief – the red and white Salvation Army canteen truck was there.

This wasn't just any canteen truck. It was one of 23 specially equipped vehicles donated by FedEx to The Salvation Army across the globe. Part of the FedEx "Delivering for Good" initiative, this partnership exemplifies a strategic fit: The Salvation Army, with its unwavering motto of "Doing the Most Good," and FedEx, anticipating and delivering what’s needed, where and when it’s needed.

The canteen truck hummed with activity. Volunteers bustled around, their practiced movements filling the air with the clinking of mugs and the warm aroma of coffee. Exhausted firefighters and police officers found a much-needed respite. A steaming cup of coffee, a hot sandwich, and a supportive word from the volunteers – these small acts of kindness fueled the first responders as they tirelessly worked through the night.

The Salvation Army canteen, a symbol of this powerful partnership, wasn't just serving meals in Baltimore. It was a testament to their combined ability to respond to disasters, big and small. These trucks are lifelines after fires, floods, hurricanes – wherever tragedy strikes, The Salvation Army, with support from FedEx, is often the first to arrive, offering a helping hand and a warm meal to those in need.