A Breath of Fresh Air this Earth Day

A Breath of Fresh Air this Earth Day

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014 - 11:00am


Leading up to Earth Day this year, Goldcorp has launched an eco-initiative at our Éléonore project in Québec.  A SmartEXEC ventilation system from SimSmart Technologies was installed to conserve energy and improve air flow for the well-being of our underground employees.

While traditional ventilation methods run continuously and therefore consume vast amounts of energy, Goldcorp’s new Ventilation-On-Demand (VOD) system is far more efficient, not only lowering energy consumption, but overall operating costs while improving air quality underground. It’s our latest innovation to ensure we are both environmentally and operationally sustainable.

Since March 2014, automated fan systems at Éléonore power on only as needed.  The technology, worn by all underground employees and installed on all 80 pieces of underground machinery,   signals precisely where and when employees are working, tracking real-time locations and measuring air quality to regulate the right amount of ventilation-- in all the right areas-- for optimum working conditions.

In the first two months since implementation alone, the system saved 644,000 litres of propane worth $632,000 and demonstrably improved air flow. Further efficiencies will be achieved as more regulators are installed with each phase of ramp-up toward production at Éléonore later this year. Once fully operational, the system is projected to comprise 60 to 80 fans and about 15 air flow regulators, and will generate estimated annual savings of $1.6 - $2.5 million over conventional ventilation systems.

Goldcorp is reviewing the feasibility of installing the same or similar ventilation systems at our underground mining operations at Musselwhite, Porcupine and Red Lake, and at our Cerro Negro project in Argentina. This Earth Day, we are pleased to share just one of the ways our employees are demonstrating Goldcorp’s commitment to environmental stewardship. Our Planet. Our Choices. Our Legacy. 

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