Breakout Sessions for the 2014 International Corporate Citizenship Conference Just Announced

Nov 20, 2013 10:00 AM ET

The Boston College 2014 International Corporate Citizenship Conference is your chance to learn from and interact with some of the top corporate citizenship practitioners from around the world. This year’s conference will take place in Los Angeles, California on March 23-25.

We promise to bring you a conference packed with general sessions, breakout sessions, and workshops that will provide insights, proven success stories, and practical takeaways. The only hard part will be choosing which sessions to attend!

A partial list of breakout sessions has just been released and is listed below. However, there will be more than 28 sessions to select from during the 2.5 day conference. Check back on our website, we will be adding more plus details on the speakers and panelists soon.

Adaptable Leadership: Leaders who have "recalculated" their course or strategy

This year’s conference theme, Adaptable Leadership, focuses on the need for corporate citizenship professionals to continually adapt to new and changing contexts. In this session you’ll hear from corporate citizenship leaders as they share how they’re able to continually “recalculate” and redefine their course or strategy. They’ll discuss how they’ve been able to take advantage of new opportunities or circumventing barriers and in turn make the most of change in the short-term and drive success in the long-term.

Trends in reporting: Reporting based on stakeholder expectations  

As transparency with stakeholders continues to be a more common societal expectation, companies are examining a variety of reporting options through which they can communicate their environmental, social, and governance performance. There is no doubt that investors and stakeholders are beginning to take notice. Come learn best practices from companies that have successfully implemented sustainability and social reports in a variety of formats and have reaped business benefits.

Engaging all employees: A guide to an inclusive portfolio   

This session will demonstrate concrete ways to engage employees at all levels in corporate citizenship activities. You’ll learn how corporate citizenship increases employee engagement and employee satisfaction as a whole and hear from companies who have built programs that rally their employees.

The five things you need to have in place before disaster strikes

Rapid, calm response is crucial for successful disaster relief strategies. Proactive planning before disaster strikes can guide corporate responders as they evaluate how much to give, when, and to whom. Learn how to prioritize your responses to disasters.

Products for good: How companies leverage cause marketing

Companies have successfully used cause marketing to engage consumers in their company’s corporate citizenship. In this session you will hear from practitioners who have put successful marketing strategies in place and have built campaigns that both rally consumers and integrate citizenship into marketing messages.

Focus on supply chain: Addressing human rights and environmental issues

Supply chain management has become increasingly more complex and important in our global context. Even the most responsible firms find themselves facing issues such as conflict minerals, child labor, and unfair or unequal wages. Consumers and other stakeholders are also becoming more aware of these issues and expect companies to provide transparency within their supply chain activities. Come learn best practices on how to manage, report, and track upstream and downstream activities.

Corporate citizenship from a B2B viewpoint

Business to business brands face unique challenges in executing and communicating corporate citizenship activities. Although many of the benefits of citizenship programs and drivers for involvement in CSR are related to their other companies in their value chains, B2B businesses must be intentional in balancing the goals of the programs with an understanding of the priorities of their particular customers. You will learn best practices for initiating essential conversations and how to position your corporate citizenship. 

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