Boulder Brands Is Powering Her Potential Through Whole Planet Foundation

$50,000 Donor Makes a Difference through Meatless and Gluten-Free Products
Apr 2, 2018 11:15 AM ET
Campaign: Whole Planet

Whole Planet Foundation is proud to welcome Boulder Brands, a new $50,000 donor to our cause of global poverty alleviation.  Their generosity through brands like Gardein and Udi's Gluten Free will fund approximately 273 microloans to create 1,440 opportunities for microentrepreneurs and their family members to live a better life through microcredit. Microloans are small loans – the current average first loan size supported by Whole Planet Foundation is $182 – with no formal collateral or contract, provided to microentrepreneurs to create or grow a home-based business for the opportunity to pull themselves and their families out of poverty. 

Whole Planet Foundation’s global impact has reached the world’s poorest people – mostly women – in the United States and 70 other countries thanks to supplier donors like Boulder Brands who have collectively contributed more than $10 million for poverty alleviation.   

Boulder Brands describes itself as category leaders, product innovators, trusted brands and game changers.  Whole Planet Foundation is delighted to be Boulder Brands’ game changing partner for poverty alleviation in the United States and in 70 other countries around the world.  Watch the video featuring Luisa Robinson, Director of Marketing-Gluten Free for Boulder Brands sharing their pride in participating. 

During March, Boulder Brands’ generosity was spotlighted in Whole Planet Foundation’s Annual Prosperity Campaign, taking place in Whole Foods Market stores.  Thank you Boulder Brands for alleviating poverty and powering the potential of women entrepreneurs around the globe.