Booz Allen Technologists Discuss ICAgile’s Newly Revised Learning Track

May 21, 2018 10:20 AM ET

May 21, 2018 /3BL Media/ -- The agile movement has fundamentally changed the world of work over the last two decades, encouraging people and organizations to focus on team collaboration, continual planning, and continual learning. Every day, Booz Allen employees work to bring agile solutions to commercial and government clients. Two of the firm’s leaders are also involved with agile in a broader way, working as track contributors for the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile). ICAgile is a community-driven organization with a mission to help organizations achieve sustainable agility by focusing on the transformation of people, not just processes.

Meet Tim Meyers, a chief technologist at Booz Allen, a leader of the firm’s agile capabilities and a coach of agile coaches. Over the past 3 years, Tim has helped train close to 4,000 Booz Allen employees and clients using ICAgile’s roadmap. He says, “the ICAgile-accredited classes explore how agile is not just a new process, but a new way of approaching work, including the underlying value-system and philosophy. ICAgile is focused on building sustainable agility in people and organizations. One of the underlying principles we have students explore — sometimes for the first time — is that its ok to have fun at work, to bring joy and humanity into your place of business. In fact, we show, doing so has many benefits including greater creativity, higher productivity, and better overall health for the employees and teams.”

Working alongside Tim to manage the partnership between Booz Allen and ICAgile is Luke Lackrone, a Booz Allen chief technologist, who also leads the firm’s agile capabilities and is a coach of agile coaches. Luke says, “ICAgile embraces a point of view around agile that it’s mindset-based, and inclusive of many methods – and valuable even beyond software development. Booz Allen shares ICAgile’s belief that there are many ways to be agile and many reasons for doing so. All can benefit from a different way of thinking and working – to embrace change; to think value-first; to think in terms of delivery, learning, and feedback.”

Both Tim and Luke are key to ICAgile’s release this week of a revised Agile Coaching learning track which includes two professional certifications: Agile Team Facilitation and Agile Coaching. This is the first time ICAgile has comprehensively revised and re-published a learning track of this magnitude to the global community.

“Agile principles and the supporting methodologies and frameworks have been around for more than two decades. Although inspecting and adapting is a key agile tenet, many agile training providers fail to do just that. That’s why ICAgile was built on the premise of consistent collaboration with industry experts to craft and update leading-edge learning programs. We ensure the learning is relevant and applicable,” said Ahmed Sidky, ICAgile’s president.

“The learning codified in this track really was the first to define the discipline of Agile Coaching, and this update keeps it fresh and moves it forward,” said Tim Meyers. Luke Lackrone added, “Among our additions in this release, I’m especially excited we were able to introduce systems coaching concepts, and I’m excited to see how training organizations bring these to life.”

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