Bloomberg ESG Products

Jun 24, 2015 11:00 AM ET

Originally found in the 2014 Bloomberg Impact Report.

Bloomberg Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) products enable all investors across a range of asset classes to understand the risks and opportunities associated with potential investments or counterparties as the market continues to embrace ESG factors.

Bloomberg has researched 20,000 of the most actively traded public companies and obtained ESG data disclosed by more than 11,000 companies in 65 countries and is increasing coverage every day.

This data includes energy & emissions, waste data, women on the board, % independent directors, workforce accidents and other data fields. Bloomberg also provides sustainability news, research, indices, funds, legal & regulatory information as well as robust screening, scoring and other portfolio optimization tools.

Bloomberg ESG data is collected from published company disclosures and integrated into the Bloomberg Equities and Intelligence services. ESG data on the Bloomberg Terminal is fully integrated with all of Bloomberg’s cutting-edge analytics, such as the Equity Screener (EQS) and Relative Value (RV). In addition, we have developed ratios and key performance indicators to better compare and analyze companies on ESG metrics.

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