Bloomberg 2023 Impact Report: Investing in Our People

Jun 18, 2024 9:30 AM ET
We're investing in an increasingly diverse workforce.

Originally published in Bloomberg's 2023 Impact Report

We look to creative and collaborative employees with diverse experiences and a global outlook to shape the future of our company. We inspire our employees by providing opportunities to make a difference and supporting their personal growth.

Creating a culture of diversity and inclusion 

We’re advancing our D&I strategy through greater accountability, allyship and advocacy.

Bloomberg’s global diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy focuses on achieving business excellence by fostering a true culture of inclusion through leadership support, allyship and advocacy. Through new and ongoing initiatives we’re developing a leadership structure that equally values all perspectives and actively advocates for inclusion. By engaging, integrating and allying with underrepresented talent, we’re striving to open opportunities to candidates and employees from all backgrounds. And by investing in technology, systems and processes to promote diverse hiring and strengthening our leadership and talent development programs, we’re working to measurably improve the representation and advancement of underrepresented talent across the company. 

We believe our employees have a responsibility to participate in nurturing an inclusive culture at Bloomberg, and we are committed to providing the tools and resources employees need to take action. All employees participate in unconscious bias training as part of their onboarding process, and we offer Inclusive Leadership workshops and online modules for managers and team leaders. Our D&I learning center on the Bloomberg Terminal (BU DI) gives employees access to core curriculum modules on disability, gender and cultural inclusion in the workplace alongside resources on topics including minimizing bias, developing inclusive behavior and managing across differences.

  • Delivering leadership advocacy and accountability - Our D&I strategy focuses on ensuring business and leadership accountability. All managers and team leaders are evaluated on six leadership attributes, one of which is the ability to create a diverse and inclusive work environment. Every Bloomberg department maintains a D&I plan that supports strategies for recruitment and progression. Our global business heads also participate in an annual D&I Organizational Health Review to assess progress on diversity and inclusion and the impact of their plans.
  • Engaging, integrating and allying with underrepresented talent - We’re making allyship a key focus in our drive to ensure inclusion for all, exclusion of none. While leadership can establish and advocate for policy, an authentic culture of inclusion can only be fully achieved through allyship. By building empathy for colleagues and then taking action to support them, allies play a key role in creating an inclusive work environment where colleagues of all identities can thrive. Successful allyship is an active, continuous process, which is why our D&I team and employee-run Bloomberg Communities keep up a continuous drumbeat of activity and engagement.
  • Improving representation and advancement - We’re working to increase representation of historically underrepresented groups in our workplace by enhancing our recruitment process. We believe that disruptive, breakthrough ideas come about when diverse teams look at challenges from different angles, which is why improving representation — at every level of experience — is as much a business imperative as a moral obligation. We strive to ensure the elimination of bias from all communication to candidates globally by investing in technology, systems and processes to promote diverse hiring and to build a strong pipeline of talent.

Activating every employee’s potential

We provide continuous learning opportunities to help our employees realize their career ambitions and prepare to lead.

Investing in and supporting the professional growth and career development of employees positively impacts our business. With our global footprint and diverse business areas, we provide employees with numerous opportunities to learn, contribute, collaborate and shape their career path. 

Our Leadership & Talent Development team supports talent management through programs, systems and tools designed to track, retain, develop and invest in our employees. This talent pipeline continued to play a critical role in our success in 2023, with the vast majority of leadership roles filled internally.

Helping employees thrive

We take care of employees so they can focus on changing the world.

Bloomberg provides programs and benefits designed to improve the financial, physical and mental health and well-being of employees and their dependents. We support employees’ work and family needs across many major life events with benefits that align with our diversity and inclusion priorities.

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