BIER Member Spotlight: Massiel Azcona

Meet Massiel Azcona
Dec 14, 2023 12:10 PM ET
Meet Massiel Azcona

Name: Massiel Azcona | Regional Sustainability Manager at Grupo Modelo, for the Water Management and Smart Agriculture pillars

Company: Ab In-Bev

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Welcome to our series aimed at spotlighting BIER projects.  As part of our Member and Stakeholder spotlight series featuring the individual leaders within BIER member companies and stakeholder organizations, our project spotlight series highlights BIER member companies and stakeholder organizations involved in the innovative Charco Bendito project.

Learn how these practitioners and their companies have collaborated to develop and implement this innovative, first-of-its-kind, basin-level watershed initiative addressing three main goals: water accessibility, quality, and availability. Gain insights into key learnings and what inspires each of them to advance environmental sustainability in the beverage sector and collectively, overall.

Briefly describe your role and responsibilities and how long you have worked with your company.

My role mainly consists of developing and executing projects aimed at these two goals by 2025:

  • Sustainable agriculture: Seeks that 100% of our farmers are trained, connected and financially empowered.
  • Water Stewardship: With which we commit that 100% of our communities in areas of higher water stress must have a measurable improvement in the quantity and availability of water.

I have been in this incredible company for 4 years, and my role at Charco Bendito is as a company participating in the project, along with our other allies.

What is your participation within Charco Bendito?

Support with our other partners in the program execution, which translates into an improvement in the quality of life of the community!

What were the main incentives that made Grupo Modelo participate in the Charco Bendito project?

As a company, we have clear sustainability goals related to water management, so it was very easy to decide to get involved in the execution of this transversal project, which brings benefits for the families in the area, but also for the availability of water in the aquifer and the ecosystem in general.

How has Grupo Modelo's participation in Charco Bendito evolved?

At the beginning, our participation consisted a lot in the co-creation of the idea, but today we can proudly say that we have grown to become a large family of 10 companies, and always seeking to grow and develop our project even more!

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