Better Together: How Industry Collaboration Elevates EHS and Sustainability

Aug 2, 2018 10:00 AM ET

Better Together: How Industry Collaboration Elevates EHS and Sustainability

Connecting with other industry professionals and learning together is one of the best ways to advance professionally, benchmark how your company is doing, and gain fresh insights on topics you might not have discussed before.

We recognize that forums for competitors to come together and not compete but grow, learn, benchmark, compare, contrast, and connect are a necessary and important part of solving EHS and sustainability challenges.

Antea Group facilitates several environmental, sustainability, and industry consortiums, including the Beverage Industry Environmental RoundtableHealthcare Plastics Recycling Council, EHSxTech®, and EHSxRetail. Through these collaborative gatherings, we encourage stakeholder engagement beyond each company’s operations and help you hone in on your goals and next steps to address the future of EHS and sustainability.

Read more about all of our consortium work on the Antea Group blog.

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