Benevity Launches "Just BeCause" Blog

Welcome to Just BeCause... The New "Official" Benevity Blog
Jun 14, 2011 1:30 PM ET

Just BeCause...

Submitted by Bryan de Lottinville on Jun 13, 2011

Welcome to Just BeCause... The New "Official" Benevity Blog

Why a Benevity blog?

BeCause we want to ignite more conversations about companies, causes, strategic CSR/CI programs and how to get more impact from these social good programs. BeCause we follow lots of interesting and insightful bloggers in our space (like the leaders featured in Blogs We Follow) but not everyone does (or even understands!) what we do, so it is useful to us on a number of fronts to do more than just comment on other people's posts. BeCause we talk with a bunch of companies every day about how to increase sales, customer and employee stickiness, recruitment, engagement and a host of other factors that can improve their operations, create switching costs and leave the landscape better than they found it (and some of these are discussions that should be shared!).

And BeCause we see a lot of social responsibility strategies, cause marketing campaigns, community investment initiatives and workplace giving programs that we boldly believe could be better, both from a social and business impact perspective (and we've got the software and expertise to do it).

We added the "Just" part to the Blog's label, beCause we wanted to send a message (subtle but important) that being cause-oriented in your business, customer and people practices isn't about jumping on the bandwagon and just doing something for the sake of it. It's about doing it well, with transparency, authenticity and more than lip-service commitment. We would go so far as to say it suggests empowerment and democratization, but that's our interpretation (and we drink a lot of our own kool-aid!)

So we hope you'll tune in to the Just BeCause blog from time to time as we're going to be covering a lot of ground. The common element will be how companies can do things differently to deliver the trifecta of more engagement, more business return and more social good. We'll have posts from the Benevity team (and other thought leaders) on best practices and tips that you can action: real takeways about how companies can improve their cause marketing, community investment, workplace giving and mobile giving programs. For my part, I'd also like to be a bit provocative, since part of Benevity's mantra is to be "digestibly disruptive" in a sector that is a huge and growing part of our economy.

So stay tuned...