Beam Me Up, Solar – a National Grid Connect21 Video

Massachusetts has taken a huge leadership position in solar energy. How is solar helping your community?
Oct 27, 2015 2:30 PM ET
Campaign: Connect21

On this stop of our Connect21 video series, we describe how we’re using 16MW of solar to address two goals: (1) finding new ways to lower energy prices in the region, and (2) continuing to find ways to give our customers access to renewable power.

Join leaders from National Grid, the town of Shirley, Mass, and Borrego Solar, for a glimpse of the power of solar in Massachusetts:

- How is the town of Shirley realizing the benefits of its solar site?
- Why have we started tilting solar panels southwest?
- How many solar panels make up 1MW of solar?

Our video series started with an overview of Connect21 and includes footage of the important infrastructure projects we are working on in each of our jurisdictions. Visit here to watch any you’ve missed. We’ll be ending the tour in a couple weeks in Upstate New York, with an overview of the Potsdam Microgrid.

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