Be Open to Think Globally, Act Locally

Be Open to Think Globally, Act Locally

Diversity & Inclusion

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Elana Weinstein, Head of Diversity & Inclusion.

Thursday, February 13, 2014 - 5:00pm

CAMPAIGN: Bloomberg: Philanthropy & Engagement

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Businesses are more successful when their employees, who differ in background, interact. To put it simply, diversity works. This is the mission of the Diversity & Inclusion team at Bloomberg. Elana Weinstein, the head of Diversity & Inclusion, point out that as a global organization Bloomberg needs to have a global strategy yet be tailored for the different regions Bloomberg is in. The team regularly holds trainings for managers to help them learn how to manage different types of people and to become aware of any unconscious biases. Weinstein notes, “The biases you have affect the day-to-day employment decisions you make. It’s important for managers to be aware of that.” Read more about Bloomberg’s Diversity and Inclusion team here.