Baker Tilly Team Members Empowering the Next Generation

Jun 11, 2024 9:00 AM ET

Jessica Dieckmann and Jeremy Stewart are changing lives through powerful not-for-profits. Their nominations earned Rebuild Yourself and the McGlynn Center $10,000 grants from the Baker Tilly Foundation.

Each year through Baker Tilly Wishes, the Baker Tilly Foundation provides grants of $10,000 to not-for-profits nominated by our team members. Learn more about two organizations that received grants this year.

Transforming lives through social support

“When is the next session?”

Those were the words of administrative supervisor Jessica Dieckmann’s son, Evan, after his first visit with Rebuild Yourself.

“Evan struggled with depression and wasn’t receptive to traditional therapy; I needed to get him better help,” Jessica said. “He needed a more social environment, and Rebuild Yourself wasted no time in supporting him.”

Weekly sessions focused on communication, problem solving and self-esteem equipped Evan with life skills to manage anxiety and express himself. He even became a volunteer, eager to support others and spread the word about the program’s benefits.

Paying it forward 

Jessica was so impressed with Rebuild Yourself’s work she contacted the founder, Cynthia Borgwing, and asked how Jessica could contribute.

“I was the first to offer help after using their services,” Jessica said. “It’s been transformative for my son, so I’ve made it my mission to help them in any way I can.”

Now the organization’s treasurer, Jessica is spearheading the program’s expansion. Rebuild Yourself has since grown from one location to five and serves over 600 students. Leveraging her network, Jessica has brought in local entrepreneurs to lead hands-on workshops with students.

Rebuild Yourself offers their services entirely free. Funding is provided through local donations and an annual gala. The $10,000 Baker Tilly Wishes grant will help the organization reach even more families.

Setting up students of Wilkes-Barre up for success

The McGlynn Center in Wilkes-Barre has a remarkable track record: for 30 years, no child participating in their programs has entered the juvenile justice system.

This after-school and summer program serves over 150 students by providing free tutoring, recreational activities and cultural enrichment — all in a safe and supportive environment.

For Assurance Managing Director Jeremy Stewart, volunteering at the McGlynn Center offers immediate and lasting rewards.

“The kids' love for the program is truly heartwarming,” Jeremy said. “The benefits are clear and long term. We’ve witnessed many former students become valued members of the community.”

Jeremy began volunteering in 2018, initially supporting fundraising efforts. Now their finance director and a board member, Jeremy helps tutor students and chaperone events. His favorite is the annual holiday party, where students compete in an art contest by drawing their dream Christmas tree.

"Last year, one of our youngest students won third place,” Jeremy recalled. “The joy on her face was unforgettable. She jumped up and down, tears in her eyes, absolutely thrilled.”

With three full-time employees, the McGlynn Center relies on grants to sustain its programs. The $10,000 Baker Tilly Wishes grant was crucial, according to Jeremy. The funding will be a substantial help to the children served by the McGlynn Center.

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