Baker Tilly Foundation Empowers Red Oak Hope to Help Uplift Survivors of Trafficking

Apr 1, 2024 9:00 AM ET

Each year, the Baker Tilly Foundation provides grants of $10,000 to not-for-profits nominated by our team members. Learn about a powerful organization fighting to restore hope and freedom to survivors of human trafficking and exploitation. 

Saving lives, restoring freedoms

Public Sector Advisory Consultant Ian Wilson and his fiancée, Brynn, volunteer weekly with Red Oak Hope, which aims to stop trafficking and exploitation of women and children around the globe through a comprehensive support network. Together, Ian and Brynn find purpose in improving the lives of others, both locally and globally. 

“Witnessing how Red Oak Hope has transformed lives motivates me to contribute to their mission in any way I can,” Ian said. 

Operating from Austin, Texas, Red Oak Hope empowers survivors of trafficking in the U.S., China, Uganda and India with vocational training, counseling and temporary housing. Since 2012, they have served more than 500 people by providing over 6,000 hours of safe shelter and 8,000 hours of vocational training. Notably, Red Oak Hope also repatriates survivors of international trafficking. This program has successfully returned over 110 women and children to their home countries.

Maximizing the impact of stewardship

Red Oak Hope’s mission is built on the belief that, with the right resources, anyone can find hope and rebuild their lives. While attending the organization’s annual gala, Ian was deeply moved by the stories of transformation told by survivors. 

“These women were once trafficked in China, and now they are thriving in their careers,” Ian said. “It’s incredible to see how their lives have changed.” 

The $10,000 grant from The Baker Tilly Foundation will allow Red Oak Hope to expand its support services for women seeking to escape exploitation. Just $22 provides one night of safe shelter for a mother and her child, $40 provides one week of meals and $1,500 can provide repatriation services for a victim of international trafficking. 

Find the full list of recipients here.