Avantor’s Stubblefield Talks Innovation, Sustainability With Axios

Jul 12, 2023 9:40 AM ET
Recycling symbol shown in a forest.

Read the full Axios interview with Avantor CEO Michael Stubblefield.

Michael Stubblefield, President and CEO of Avantor, was recently interviewed by Axios about Avantor’s innovation business model and commitment to sustainability. 

“Being sustainable is part of our license to operate,” Stubblefield told Axios. “Looking ahead, we know that creating a better world means not only the actions we take as a company, but it also requires collaboration across the entire value chain. Avantor works with customers on their most important research, scale-up and manufacturing workflows.”

One way in which Avantor collaborates across the value chain is through its recently launched Responsible Supplier Program, designed to help reduce environmental impact and accelerate sustainable practices across the supply chain.

Avantor is also adopting technologies to help reduce waste. Stubblefield told Axios: “We’ve installed a new automated packaging system at our distribution facilities in New Jersey and Germany. This allows us to ship products with less packaging material — and greater speed — than ever before.”

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