Associate Profile: Carlos Carmona, Pharmacy Manager

Walmart Store 212 - Norman, Oklahoma
Jul 20, 2016 9:00 AM ET
Carlos Carmona, Pharmacy Manager, Store 212 - Norman, Okla.

As featured in the Walmart Global Responsibility Report 2016

Carlos Carmona started his Walmart career during college, as a pharmacy intern in Norman, Okla. When a visiting market manager showed him what the possibilities open to him are by staying with Walmart, Carlos found himself inspired. “She walked in and greeted everyone. After looking around for a few minutes, she noticed a line growing at the pickup window and she walked over and began helping our patients. That spoke volumes to me about the kind of people Walmart wanted to run their company,” Carlos recalls. Today, he not only finds his job rewarding, he intends to continue building the career he started as an intern. At a recent Walmart Hispanic Forum in Bentonville, Arkansas, Carlos realized Walmart had big plans for him, and he knew he was ready to fully embrace them. “I believe that the Hispanic Forum was an amazing and eye-opening experience. It gave me the ability to be confident about reaching for higher goals. Being a part of the Hispanic Forum made me realize that opportunities within Walmart are out there; it’s just a matter of looking for them and then tackling them head on. I also realized that fear played a huge role in my not seeking other opportunities that I felt that I could do, but was afraid to take on. I decided at the end of the Hispanic Forum that I would no longer let fear be a hindrance to my success in life. I was meant to live and strive for so much more than I ever gave myself credit for.” The conference ended on a Thursday afternoon. The next day, Carlos received a phone call about a vacancy for a Market Health & Wellness Director. “I didn’t need to think this time – I just did it,” Carlos said. He applied, was selected and started his new job as Market Health & Wellness Director in southern Oklahoma in August 2015. “My market director helped find other places for me to go to learn – to help prepare me for bigger responsibility,” Carlos said. “When I first became a pharmacy manager, to be able to say this was my store was a very proud and memorable moment.” Carlos says every day is his best day at Walmart, especially when he can help a customer. “My patients are so thankful for what we do for them. We work with their doctors. We help with their medication. We make their lives better,” he said.

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