Are You Ready for January 1st?

Are You Ready for January 1st?

Big Picture of Conflict Mineral Compliance
Monday, September 15, 2014 - 3:00pm

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A recent admission by the US Commerce Department acknowledged that it was unable to distinguish between conflict free smelters and ones that employ DRC minerals.The government demonstrated how hard it is to track conflict minerals. This has proven the ineffectiveness of the government on regulating conflict minerals, but the private sector has utilized databases to identify smelters that are conflict free and ones that are not. Source Intelligence has proven to amass the largest collection of smelters and refineries to determine their role in the DRC. This database has proven to be a significant competitive advantage for Source Intelligence and their respective clients. The government has shown how hard it is to complete due diligence independently.

Source Intelligence will be conducting a webinar that details the comprehensive guide to a complete conflict mineral compliance. If you are interested in how to structure your compliance program, please sign up for The Big Picture: Conflict Minerals webinar on September 25th here.


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Source Intelligence's complete series of webinars is listed, fragmenting different methods of compliance.