Anti-Corruption Education Package: Supply Chains Represent More Than 60% of Corruption Cases

Anti-Corruption Education Package: Supply Chains Represent More Than 60% of Corruption Cases

Anti-Corruption Education Package

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Thursday, October 23, 2014 - 9:00am

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Increased procurement costs due to corruption and cross-border anti-corruption enforcement by the DOJ and SEC is changing aggressively, and companies need to know where they stand in the context of these changes in order to implement an effective solution. Supply chains represent more than 60 percent of corruption cases, and companies that prioritize their supply chain assesment prevent being one of these cases.  To overcome these challenges, there are 7 steps an effective anti-corruption management system entails:

1.     Policies, Procedures, and Records

2.     Anti Corruption Compliance Team

3.     Scope and Quality of Risk Assessment

4.     Management of Supply Chain

5.     Training and Capacity Building

6.     Monitoring and Measurement

7.     Corrective Actions & Improvements 

To get a more in depth view on these effective anti-corruption practices, attend the Anti-Corruption Crack-Down Webinar, that presents key priorities for addressing supply chain risk, and what can be done to protect companies and brands from corruption. Source Intelligence, a leading supply chain transparency company, has teamed up with Center for Responsible Enterprise and Trade (CREATe) for this webinar, to address evaluating and addressing risk in the supply chain. Reserve your spot here for the webinar.

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