Announcing RSF Social Finance's 2014 Annual Report

Jun 18, 2015 1:05 PM ET

Reimagine Money Blog

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to share RSF Social Finance's 2014 Annual Report.

In celebrating our 30th year, we made a commitment to be even bolder for the next generation. We recognized that RSF has become a trust-holder, a home base, for our clients.  And we asked, “What is the leading edge for us now?”  In response, we moved Integrated Capital to the center of what we do; and we deepened our understanding of how the spirit of gift informs our work.  We continue to listen and to learn as much as we possibly can from you—our clients, partners, and friends—so we can best serve the field of social finance.

On behalf of the entire RSF team, I’d like to thank you for being a part of our community. I’m excited to share our accomplishments in 2014 and look forward to us all working together in our journey to transform the way the world works with money.

With warm regards,

Don Shaffer
President & CEO, RSF Social Finance

Click here to view the report