AIDA Welcomes Senate Resolution for Alternative Energy Supply of Cruise Ships in the Port of Hamburg

AIDA Welcomes Senate Resolution for Alternative Energy Supply of Cruise Ships in the Port of Hamburg

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Note: the following press release has been translated from German to English. Please excuse any grammatical errors. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 - 10:45am

September 10, 2013 /3BL Media/ - With the preparation of his ships on shore power and LNG hybrid barge has launched AIDA Cruises groundbreaking concepts for environmentally friendly energy supply of cruise ships in the Port of Hamburg. In today's (11/09/2013) resolution of the Senate of Hamburg was now the starting signal for the provision of infrastructure. The establishment of a stationary land power plant at the cruise terminal Altona is therefore planned for 2015. The creation of the necessary infrastructure for floating cogeneration, as the so-called hybrid LNG barge, is yet to take place in 2014 HafenCity at the terminal.

AIDA President Michael Ungerer: "We welcome this exemplary step and support the holistic concept for environmentally friendly energy supply in the Port of Hamburg. Environmental protection is a top priority at AIDA. With the LNG hybrid barge and the preparation of our ships or shore power we have already taken the initiative. We are delighted that the infrastructure will be provided. "

Just last week, AIDA Cruises was presented at a press conference in Hamburg its comprehensive environmental program. So get the new buildings that are put into service in 2015 and 2016, a comprehensive filter system to reduce exhaust emissions. With this unprecedented technology for exhaust aftertreatment AIDA Cruises is the first time all three emissions - particulates, nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides - Filter and thus reduce between 90 and 99 percent.

However, in addition to the existing fleet to be retrofitted. Monika Griefahn, Director of Environment and Society at AIDA Cruises: "We want to set not only with our new construction standards, but continuously improve the environmental performance of our entire fleet. Therefore, we will equip our other ships with the new comprehensive filter system. "Overall AIDA Cruises until 2016, about 100 million euros to invest in environmental and climate protection.

Along with the new filtering technology AIDA Cruises relies on innovative concepts to reduce emissions while in port times. Already, the company has all the ships that were put into service from 2007, prepared for shore power. AIDAsol was fitted in July 2013 as the first ship in the fleet fully equipped for shore power. Once the infrastructure for shore power in Hamburg is, AIDAsol can be supplied there with environmentally friendly energy.

Moreover, AIDA Cruises has brought together with Becker Marine Systems a groundbreaking alternative approach to the way the LNG Hybrid Barge. You will be taken during the cruise season 2014 in Hamburg in operation. In comparison to the use of conventional marine diesel with 0.1 percent sulfur content of the emissions are reduced again significantly in energy production by means of LPG to LNG Hybrid Barge: The emission of sulfur oxides and soot particles is avoided entirely. The emission of nitrogen oxides is reduced by up to 80 percent of carbon dioxide emissions by a further 30 percent.

In addition to reducing emissions, increasing the efficiency is a key criterion for an eco-friendly ship operation. Already, the ships of the AIDA fleet per person on board consume an average of only 3 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers of driving. The calculation and correctness of this statement has been confirmed by experts of Germanischer Lloyd.

The use of new technologies AIDA Cruises wants to improve this value even further. So has the next generation of ships of AIDA for example, the first cruise ships worldwide via the innovative MALS technology (MALS = Mitsubishi Air Lubrication System). In order for the ships glide over a carpet of air bubbles. This saves seven percent of the propulsive energy.

In addition, the next generation ship AIDA has so-called dual-fuel engines. This can also be operated with environmentally friendly LPG.

Detailed information on its environmental commitment published AIDA Cruises transparent and nachlesbar for everyone in its annual Sustainability Report AIDA cares. This is available on / aida cares .