Advanced Micro Devices Joins Ceres Network of Companies

Apr 12, 2011 1:15 PM ET

(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) April 12, 2011- BOSTON - Ceres announced today that it is has approved Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE:AMD), a semiconductor design innovator, as a Ceres Network Company. Companies that join Ceres commit to improve their sustainability disclosure and performance by engaging with investors, environmental groups and other stakeholders.

AMD designs graphics and computing technologies that power a variety of solutions, including PCs, game consoles and servers. Committed to innovation, AMD designs its products with the goal of helping both the company and its customers reduce their carbon footprint and energy use. Most recently, AMD’s E-350 Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) demonstrated up to a 40 percent reduction in the product’s overall carbon footprint compared to AMD’s previous generation platform.   AMD also offers a suite of power management technologies, including AMD PowerNow!™ Technology, that can help IT departments reduce energy consumption and associated cooling costs in the datacenter. According to IDC, data center ghg emissions will quadruple by 2020, overtaking the airline industry in terms of emissions in the next 5-10 years.   “Ceres looks forward to working with AMD to help AMD improve its own sustainability performance, as well as leveraging the company’s ability to drive innovation in the supply chain and for its customers,” said Mindy Lubber, president of Ceres. “Increasing the efficiency of a microprocessor in a laptop or server can have far reaching impacts on customers’ end use of technology products.”   AMD has set goals to improve its social and environmental performance, including specific targets for reducing energy use and hazardous waste, conserving water, and increasing access to the Internet. The company plans to work with Ceres to further develop its sustainability strategy and increase ongoing stakeholder engagement on strategy, performance, and disclosure.    “AMD has a 15-year history of commitment to corporate responsibility.  But,  we know that sustainability is a journey of continuous improvement and we are eager to learn from Ceres’ stakeholders,” said Allyson Peerman, Corporate Vice President of Public Affairs for AMD. “Joining the Ceres network can help us deepen engagement with diverse stakeholders and help us get to the next stage of our sustainability journey.”     About Ceres
Ceres is a leading network of investors, environmental groups and other public interest organizations working with companies to address sustainability challenges such as global climate change. Ceres also directs the Investor Network on Climate Risk, a network of 95 institutional investors with more than $9 trillion of collective assets focused on the business impacts of climate change. For more information, visit   About Advanced Micro Devices AMD (NYSE: AMD) is a semiconductor design innovator leading the next era of vivid digital experiences with its ground-breaking AMD Fusion Accelerated Processing Units (APUs). AMD’s graphics and computing technologies power a variety of solutions including PCs, game consoles and the servers that drive the Internet and businesses. For more information, visit