9 Ways Kokomo Operations Improved Plant Efficiency

9 Ways Kokomo Operations Improved Plant Efficiency

Facility in Indiana put in diligent work to meet and exceed state's environmental regulations.

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GM Kokomo Operations participated in a local watershed cleanup as part of Kokomo City's "Day of Caring" program.

GM Kokomo Operations brought balers together in one central location to recycle a number of different materials more efficiently.

Friday, October 3, 2014 - 11:55am

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If you haven’t already seen our announcement, GM Kokomo Operations just became a member of the Indiana Environmental Stewardship Program.

We’re pretty thrilled about the news because it recognizes that GM Kokomo’s long-standing environmental initiatives are above and beyond Indiana’s regulations, and the facility has realized some great returns as a result.

So, how do we do it? Here are a few ways we became more efficient and reduced our environmental footprint along the way.

1.    No waste to a landfill. This site is completely landfill-free. All waste from daily operations is recycled, reused or converted to energy to power other businesses.

2.    Make recycling easy. Since 2012, nearly all recycled materials have been processed in one location. This centralizing effort made recycling easier and more efficient.

3.    Empower employees. By creating signs to remind employees to turn off idle equipment and educating them about energy efficiency, GM Kokomo helps its employees be more energy-conscious.

4.    Use a heat recovery process. Heat reclaimed from cooling tower water is used to preheat water that powers facility operations. This unique process eliminated the need to heat city water for daily processes. It also avoids the use of approximately 7 million kilowatt hours of energy. What’s more, GM received a return on its investment within a year.

5.    Save water. In 2011, GM Kokomo consolidated water production operations into one location, and saves over 4 million gallons of water annually from doing so.

6.    Reduce energy intensity. Replacing the high-intensity discharge lighting with energy-reducing fluorescent fixtures helped the facility reduce its energy intensity by more than 23 percent in just three years. These savings earned GM Kokomo a U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR® Challenge for Industry.

7.    Partner on Pollution Prevention. GM Kokomo, along with other area companies, shares its commitment to reducing pollutants, using energy more efficiently and conserving natural resources in a partnership through the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

8.    Support local habitats. GM Kokomo has a pollinator garden providing homes for a number of species.

9.    Engage the community. The employees at GM Kokomo work with local students to teach them about water quality through hands-on activities.


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