7 Tweeps I’m Now Following Thanks to the CMF Conference - By Joe Waters

7 Tweeps I’m Now Following Thanks to the CMF Conference - By Joe Waters

Joe Waters blogs on cause marketing at Selfishgiving.com. He is the co-author of Cause Marketing for Dummies (July, 2011).


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Monday, June 6, 2011 - 11:29am



Last week’s Cause Marketing Forum Conference had many benefits. But one of the best for me is that I have a bunch of new cause marketing tweeps to follow on Twitter. Here are six you’re going to love.

Nancy Lublin. Nancy’s the CEO of DoSomething.org. Nancy gave a compelling speech on the good, bad and ugly of cause marketing. I like Nancy. I didn’t agree with everything she said about cause marketing, but I appreciate her strong opinions on the field and how cause marketing can be done better.

Lindsay Avner. Lindsay is the Founder & Executive Director of Bright Pink, a national breast/ovarian cancer non-profit organization for young women. She has some great corporate partners and plans to join forces with many, many more.

3BL Media3BL is a CSR and cause marketing newswire. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t following 3BL! There are many good reasons to follow them, but one of the best is their daily CSR Minute, which delivers the latest information on our field.

Jeff Weness. Jeff heads corporate development at a Minnesota Children’s Hospital. I had the pleasure of listening to Jeff tell his story at the Hospital Corporate Development Summit I co-led. He’s had some great accomplishments, including a $17 million corporate gift.

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