3 Unexpected Ways to Retain Tech Talent

Aug 16, 2018 11:10 AM ET

3 Unexpected Ways to Retain Tech Talent

Talent and knowledge of technology are hot commodities these days as the number of tech sector jobs has increased exponentially. Not only have the number of new occupations and titles grown, but so too have the number of people within the industry--in 1997 there were an estimated 2.2 million jobs within the tech industry, but by 2017, tech jobs exceeded 7 million.

Another effect of the expansion of jobs has been the creation of new fields, some of which are highly specialized. As such, retaining top tech talent is one of the most difficult challenges facing companies, particularly as rival companies poach workers. Talented and qualified workers are in short supply, and the challenge becomes even tougher when you factor in a younger workforce. According to a study from RecruitFi, 86 percent of millennials don't think twice about job hopping - for employers, this turnover can cost valuable hours that have to be put toward new employee training at the expense of other business priorities.

Some businesses have traditional HR strategies in place to retain their talent pool, but there are also unique, more meaningful ways companies can keep valuable workers from leaving, create a stronger workforce and build a more sustainable business.

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