The 2nd Annual NRG Demand Response Customer Awards

The 2nd Annual NRG Demand Response Customer Awards

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Friday, March 4, 2022 - 10:00am

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Congratulations to this year’s winners! They saved on energy expenditures, got paid for meeting goals, helped stabilize the grid, and looked good doing it.

As a customer-focused organization, NRG likes to celebrate the successes of our customers – and our demand response (DR) program provides multiple reasons to do just that. So, we’d like to offer hearty congratulations to this year’s energy-saving, money-making, grid-stabilizing 2nd Annual NRG Demand Response Customer Award winners!

The 3 award categories:

  • 1st Year Customer at 100% of Goal
  • Outstanding Collaborator
  • 10-year Member

First, a quick word on demand response and strategy

Demand Response (DR) is an energy curtailment program that incentivizes companies to reduce energy consumption during peak energy demand periods. When companies meet their agreed-to reduction goals, they save on energy expenditures and get paid for helping stabilize the grid. Tactics and strategies vary depending on the business category and industry vertical. For instance, a hospitality company could pre-cool rooms just before peak demand and “cool coast” through peak energy use periods; or a fulfillment warehouse could plan forklift charging for off-peak hours. If you’re a company with onsite generation capabilities, you have even more DR opportunities.

Winner’s Circle 1st-Year Customer at 100% of Goal (82 winners)

Being successful with DR does not require a lot of work, just a little dedication

Hitting yearly DR energy goals doesn’t happen without a plan. So these first-year customers not only demonstrated proof of a plan, but also a precise understanding of how to put that plan into action automatically and immediately. Here’s to sticking to the plan, future collaboration, and discovering even more ways for DR to protect and earn. Congratulations to these first-year DR customers, they put together a stellar rookie season.

Outstanding Collaborator (3 winners)

You have a partner knowledgeable in DR, use the resource

If their business patterns changed, a new piece of equipment was installed, or a generation asset was added, these Outstanding Collaborators let us know. This allowed us to integrate the change into their DM programs and adjust their goals accordingly. Conversely, if generator regulations changed in their market, we let affected companies know and set a service call to keep their asset within policy. Here’s to the collaborators, they helped build a stronger relationship, made DR part of operations, and reaped the benefits.

10-year Members (236 winners)

DR requires no investment, zero risk, and delivers nothing but benefits

When something works like it should or better than anticipated, you stick with it. That’s why we have an impressive number of decade-long participants in the demand response program. If you can work strategic energy curtailment into your daily business schedule, you can create a revenue stream. It’s that simple and reliable year after year. And the longer we work with energy partners, the more opportunities we find to leverage DR.

Congratulations to this year’s Customer Award Winners – and to all our Demand Response energy partners. You’re saving money, making money, and helping maintain a stable grid. Those are all solid wins.