25,000 Businesses and Counting: HerVenture's Incredible Reach in Vietnam

Our HerVenture business skills app has now supported over 25,000 women to start and grow businesses across its launch country
Dec 20, 2022 10:00 AM ET

Originally published by the Cherie Blair Foundation For Women

The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women first launched our HerVenture business skills learning app, designed to support women entrepreneurs to start and build business, in 2018 in Vietnam. Since its inception, with support from Qualcomm® Wireless Reach™ for HerVenture’s launch and expansion, the app has gone from strength to strength. We’re delighted that it has now reached over 25,000 women entrepreneurs in Vietnam, and more than 40,000 more in five other lower and middle income countries winning multiple awards in recognition of its value and impact.

Our collaboration with Qualcomm Wireless Reach highlights so well how the private sector can drive strong development outcomes. Our CEO Helen McEachern certainly celebrates this, sharing with me that “our collaboration with Qualcomm Wireless Reach is a great example of the reach and impact that long-term partnering between the private sector and NGOs can achieve for women entrepreneurs. We are proud of this fantastic work together.”

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