20,000 Employees, One Day of Service

20,000 Employees, One Day of Service

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Friday, October 11, 2013 - 2:45pm

CAMPAIGN: Lilly Strengthening Communities


Guest blog from Beth Hunter, associate communications consultant for Lilly Health, Safety, and Environment and communications lead for Lilly's 2013 Global Day of Service.

First and foremost, the Global Day of Service is about improving communities where Lilly employees live and work. From projects that addressed hunger to those that helped us better connect to our patients, the work completed on and around October 10, was fulfilling, exhilarating – and tiring!

For the 20,000 employees working sunup to sundown in nearly 60 countries, the Global Day of Service was also about something else – team work.

Our chairman, president and CEO, John Lechleiter, summed it up best:  “At the root of it all, all of us that participate in the Global Day of Service understand that it’s just a lot of fun.”

Visitors to Lilly’s corporate Facebook page over the past 48 hours have seen snapshots of amazing service projects filling community needs all over the world.  They’ve also seen the camaraderie and pride among colleagues when they’re working, quite literally, in trenches together.

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