10 Things Your Corporate Partners Need You to Know

10 Things Your Corporate Partners Need You to Know

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Monday, October 27, 2014 - 9:00am

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October 27, 2014 /3BL Media/ - Funding from corporations may not comprise the largest percentage of your overall donations, however, in many cases, the size of an individual corporate donation is usually significantly larger than your individual donors. In the past, corporate donations came with very few strings and were often the result of a personal connection on the part of the CEO to the cause.

It is no secret that today corporations are making funding decisions very differently. Gone, or at least going, are the days of company’s handing out checks with little or no strings attached.

Today, corporations are asking questions more questions than ever. They are also looking at alternative ways of solving societal ills.

Take a peek behind the curtain with ACCP to hear the 10 things your corporate partners need you to know.

If you are struggling to understand why corporations are asking the questions they are asking, wondering how to better work with corporate funders or just want to learn how you can be a better partner for your corporate funders, this webcast is for you.

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