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The Excellence in Corporate Responsibility Awards program was developed by industry experts with deep knowledge of corporate responsibility within Canada, including Laurie Simmonds of Green Living Enterprises, Valérie Bécaert of CIRAIG, Toby Heaps of Corporate Knights, Bob Mann of Jantzi-...
Canada’s premier prize for home energy innovation
The Green Living Show (April 12-14th) is North America’s largest consumer show dedicated to workable solutions for leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. This three-day event offers inspiration for all ages and features influential speakers, innovative products, educational...
The Eco-City Community Challenge was designed for the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance to educate Canadians on the shared benefits of energy conservation to our economy and the environment. The goal is to capture and reward the energy savings activities that Canadians have undertaken in their...
September 17, 2012Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North BuildingThe Green Jobs Forum was created by Green Living Enterprises to raise awareness of opportunities for youth in the Environmental Sector.

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