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With the most sophisticated grants management software on today’s market, CyberGrants has powered foundations to grant billions of dollars to support communities all over the world. Our comprehensive and highly configurable platform can meet your every need, even as your needs evolve.
With half of the Fortune 100 as clients and nearly 40% of all corporate giving facilitated by CyberGrants, we have a unique vantage point on the trends facing the CSR industry.
Corporate Social Responsibility is a given. The bigger directive now is what we call Agile Social Impact -- the ability to respond immediately to emerging events, innovate faster with new programs and initiatives, optimize continuously, and have a clear understanding of the impact you achieve.
Today’s employees want to give back and expect their employers to provide them opportunities to do so. CyberGrants offers a wide range of employee giving programs including Matching Gifts, Disaster Relief, Dollars for Doers, and dozens more.
Viral engagement gets your entire workforce more invested in your causes. By leveraging the powerful techniques that drive social media platforms, you can connect your employees to each other and the highest mission of your company.


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