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As a global leader in building materials and the largest producer of concrete in the world, CEMEX is uniquely positioned to address many of the challenges cities are facing.
CEMEX recognizes that resilient and sustainable housing is an important solution to the growing social, economic, and environmental challenges associated with urbanization.  To this end, CEMEX offers unmatched expertise in delivering efficient, tailor-made systems and solutions for housing...
Cement manufacturing has the unique capability to utilize many of these materials as alternative fuels (AF) in high temperature kilns and also to transform many residues into harmless, useful materials by incorporating them into the production process. CEMEX is a leader in the utilization of AF.
CEMEX is convinced that concrete is a critical component of sustainable construction for the world of the future.  When properly designed and constructed, concrete buildings are durable and energy efficient—lasting for decades with little maintenance and able to withstand hurricanes,...
CEMEX is a leading contributor to numerous infrastructure projects globally, including roads, bridges, airports, and docks. Its durability, rigidity, and high reflectively make concrete essential to resilient infrastructure development.


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