Your Board. Your Story.

Your Board. Your Story.

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Business execs are advised to find the nonprofit board that is part of their life "story" + where they can add value.
Wednesday, April 21, 2010 - 9:15am


Most of the time when we meet someone, socially or professionally, one of the first questions that comes up is "What do you do, and where do you work?" The response to that question often defines us. I thought about that when I read "BRAND OR DIE," Nick Nanton's and JW Dicks' great new blogpost.

So what if the next time you meet someone, you could tell them something more than what you do for a living. What if you could tell them where you serve on a nonprofit board. That would add an entire new dimension to how the other person thinks about you. Even better, what if you chose the board of an organization that you really care about, where you are learning about an important social or global issue, and where you are making a difference. It would be a great story, tell a lot about you, and chances are, your face would give away your enthusiasm.

Yes, the key is going onto a nonprofit board where you will care, learn, add value, and have a meaningful experience.

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