Xylem Shanghai Volunteers During 30 Day Challenge

Xylem Shanghai Volunteers During 30 Day Challenge

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#Volunteers from Xylem's Shanghai site plant trees and visit a Xylem Flygt TOP pump station during #MakeYourMark 30 Day Challenge http://bit.ly/2FkhaBa @XylemWatermark #LetsSolveWater
Monday, April 30, 2018 - 8:00am

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As part of this year’s Make Your Mark 30 Day Challenge, 60 employees from Xylem’s Shanghai site visited Nanhui Kwai Yuen Farm for a tree planting activity. As a team, they successfully planted 35 holly saplings at the farm. The volunteers ended the tree-planting activity by writing wishes for the trees on cards and placing them on branches. 

Later in the afternoon, the participants left the farm to visit a Xylem Flygt TOP pump station, the world's first self-cleaning integrated pumping station. Flygt TOP pump stations combine the most advanced submersible sewage pumps with the most extensive pumping station design experience, and configure remote intelligent monitoring equipment that can be left unattended 24 hours a day. This tool has made a huge difference to the Garden Village, which is close to two rivers and particularly susceptible to waterlogging during the rainy season. In 2017, the government waterlogging reconstruction project introduced a Xylem Flygt TOP station into the community, completely solving the problems that had plagued residents for decades.

About Xylem Watermark

Xylem Watermark, Xylem’s corporate citizenship program, provides and protects safe water resources for many of the world’s most vulnerable communities and educates individuals around the globe about water issues. This social commitment reflects Xylem’s ethos of valuing the “triple bottom-line:” financial, environmental and social. The company firmly believes in the notion of doing well by doing good, and dedicates resources to initiatives that demonstrate its commitment. 

Xylem Watermark was founded in 2008 and, with its six nonprofit partners, has provided clean water and sanitation solutions to over three million people in 25 countries. Xylem launched its first Global Month of Service in October 2016 to provide a focused time to inspire employees to get involved and bring the mission of Xylem Watermark to their communities. In 2017, Xylem Watermark launched the Make Your Mark 30 Day Challenge to engage employees in solving global and local water issues in ways about which they are passionate.

To learn more about Xylem Watermark, please visit www.xylemwatermark.com.

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