Where Apple Gets the Tantalum for Your iPhone

Where Apple Gets the Tantalum for Your iPhone

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Friday, February 6, 2015 - 10:00am


Where Apple gets the Tantalum for your iPhone

NewsweekNobody likes to think his or her iPhone was made from minerals derived from a country where warlords and mass rapists profit from the mines. 


China's anti-corruption probe broadens into finance sector

The Financial Times. China’s anti-corruption campaign is spreading to the country’s financial sector following the arrest of two senior bank officials in recent days.


A conflict minerals regulation that works

Global Witness. The trade in natural resources fuels some of the world’s most deadly conflicts and worst forms of human rights abuse. 


Cotton sourcing snapshot: 2015 addendum 

Responsible Sourcing Network. For decades the Government of Uzbekistan has been forcing its citizens to work in the cotton harvest each year – cotton that eventually ends up in global supply chains for consumer goods.


How manufacturers can address global sustainability challenges in 2015

ManufacturingGlobal. Manufacturing firms have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders when it comes to addressing global sustainability challenges. 



E-Book - 2015 Conflict Minerals Filings - Insights from 2014

An E-Book of our most influential white papers of 2014 that have guided companies to conflict minerals compliance. The E-Book includes white papers on Overcoming Supplier Resistance, Conflict Minerals Compliance Programs Implementation: An Analysis of 4 Prevailing Approaches, Moving Beyond Supplier Provided Information: A Guide To Smelter Verification, and the 2015 Guide to a Successful Conflict Minerals Program.  

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Diagnostic - Smelter Verification Diagnostic

A complimentary smelter verification diagnostic that will authenticate the validity of your smelters based on data from official sources, such as the LBMA, CSFI, RJC, DOC, and OECD.

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Anti Corruption - Policy, Procedures and Records Assessment 

Anti-corruption, being a major topic of discussion for the start of 2015, compliance will be a primary focus and need for many companies. Source Intelligence would like to extend a complimentary assessment, that benchmarks your current anti-corruption policies, procedures and records section of your compliance program.

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Subscription - Alerts and Updates on Conflict Minerals Resource Center 

The CMRC provides subscription for real time alerts for updates that impact conflict minerals compliance, smelter information, and the most current regulation information.  

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Webinar on Demand - Conflict Minerals Reporting: How to Get it Right By May 2015

Join us for a 30-minute webinar with Jennifer Kraus, Chief Scientific Officer and EVP Operations of Source Intelligence, for case study based guidance on the first step to accurate data, the process and timing necessary to compile supplier data, if filing “undeterminable” is right for your company, and how to develop a program that works for 2014 reporting and beyond. 

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Webinar on Demand - Case Study Roadmap: Addressing Global Corruption Risk

The webinar Case Study Roadmap: Addressing Global Corruption Risk,  explores how addressing the fundamental risk of corruption, within your value chain, is a top priority for anyone conducting business on a worldwide scale. 

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