Watch: Fintech According to Kids

Watch: Fintech According to Kids

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Monday, May 22, 2017 - 11:10am

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Originally posted on PayPal Stories

On National Take Your Kids to Work Day, PayPal moms and dads in the United States brought their children with them to work to see what life is like at PayPal. At our San Jose campus, more than 2,000 kids joined us for a fun day including everything from playing with toys and gardening to computer programming, movies, and carnival games. Plus a “What is PayPal?” class that offered a fun and interactive overview about what their parents are working on.

We were also curious what kids know about PayPal and the world of money and payments, so we asked them! Their answers ranged from insightful to hilarious—and we captured it all on video! Find out what today’s digital-era children have to say about everything from those old-fashioned credit card imprinters to bitcoin, Venmo, and how to pay with a mobile phone. Take a look!