University-Industry Collaboration Makes Positive Impact on Atlas Copco Turkey’s Business and Reputation

University-Industry Collaboration Makes Positive Impact on Atlas Copco Turkey’s Business and Reputation

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Monday, January 9, 2017 - 2:05pm

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On December 22nd, Atlas Copco Mining Technique was invited to the opening ceremony of Istanbul Technical University Mining and Applications Center, which is established in a stone building located in Akdağlar aggregate mine and renovated by the donations of mining industry.

This application center will provide on site mining applications training for İstanbul Technical University (ITU) students together with theoretical information and thus will aim to minimise the lack between the theoretical information gained through traditional classroom education and on site practice.

“I’ve been busy with this application center for 5 years and now it feels like my 5 years dream has come true.  I hope this place will be a meeting point for all ITU mining students and industry representatives. This center is a significant example of industry-university collaboration.” says Orhan Kural, Head of Mining Department, İstanbul Technical University “While focusing on the development and education of our students, we also put safety first while designing and working on this mining and applications center, we have very serious and high safety measures”

“As MR Turkey, we believe that university-industry collaboration always makes a difference and contributes to our business.” says Erdem Tüzünalp, Mining Technique General Manager “We always had a close relationship with İstanbul Technical University, we met talents several times during “Rock Drilling Tools Seminar”, some fresh graduates of ITU are employed by Atlas Copco, some students are supported by Business Line Managers of Mining Technique, while preparing their projects- even one’s graduation Project, leaded and consulted by an MR BLM, was awarded in “Industry Focused Undergrad Graduation Projects” competition of Scientific and Technological Research Council Of Turkey. And for sure we are proud of being a part of the opening ceremony of Mining and Applications Center”

“Universities are organisations that perform a key role within societies by educating large proportions of the population and generating knowledge. They are an integral part of the skills and innovation supply chain to business and for sure this supply chain has to be sustainable.” says Handan Şahin, VP Holding “With close industry-university collaboration and successful partnership, we tap into a pool of skilled potential employees, we gain access to complementary technological knowledge and university’s facilities and equipment. All these, for sure have a positive impact on our business and reputation.”

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