UN Global Compact Communication on Progress: 2014 Key Facts

UN Global Compact Communication on Progress: 2014 Key Facts

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015 - 7:20pm

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Business participants in the UN Global Compact commit to make the ten principles part of their business strategies and day-to-day operations. As an integral part of their commitment, companies must issue a Communication on Progress (COP), an annual public disclosure to stakeholders (investors, consumers, civil society, Governments) on progress made in implementing the ten principles, and in supporting broader UN goals and issues.

The COP serves to enhance transparency and accountability, drive continuous performance improvement, and provide a repository of corporate practices to promote dialogue and learning. 

The UN Global Compact today announced that it had expelled 657 companies in 2014 for failure to communicate. However, as in past years, the number of companies joining the initiative continues to exceed the number of expulsions.



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