Two-Year Joint Collaboration With Malaria No More Helps Keep Moms And Babies Safe Through Medical Treatments And Nationwide Awareness Campaign

Two-Year Joint Collaboration With Malaria No More Helps Keep Moms And Babies Safe Through Medical Treatments And Nationwide Awareness Campaign

Malaria No More celebrity ambassador and gospel singer Size 8 engages one of the winners at Nakumatt Likoni before presenting him with his prize.

Malaria No More celebrity ambassador and gospel singer Daddy Owen presents a stroller to one of the winners at Nakumatt Kokokmega

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For nearly two years, Kimberly-Clark, our Huggies brand in Kenya and the nonprofit, Malaria No More’s Mothers Against Malaria Campaign have worked together to increase malaria awareness and keep children and families safe from deadly mosquito bites that claim the lives of 453,000 children per year— 90% of those in Africa. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015 - 10:00am

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In Kenya, more than three-quarters of people are at risk of malaria – a completely preventable and treatable disease, which primarily impacts pregnant women and children under 5. By supporting the Mothers Against Malaria Campaign’s efforts, Kimberly-Clark and the Huggies brand are helping to mobilize families in Kenya to take appropriate action and use mosquito nets and other life-saving tools to prevent, diagnose and treat malaria. In addition, this partnership seeks to inform pregnant mothers about their increased vulnerability to malaria in order to keep themselves and their children safe.

By this fall, the company and Huggies will have helped deliver 600,000 medical treatments to Kenyans since 2014. Recently, a delivery of 200,000 treatments reached clinics in early August. Because the disease-carrying mosquitos are most active at night, Malaria No More’s nationwide public awareness campaign called “”NightWatch” was launched in 2014 with major media outlets and celebrities. The NightWatch launch was later followed by the launch of Mothers Against Malaria“Wamama Dhidi ya Malaria” in Swahili, a malaria awareness and education campaign with a special focus on mothers and children under five. With a grant from the Kimberly-Clark Foundation, the Huggies brand was featured as a key sponsor of the campaign.

Since its inception, the program continues to grow with the purpose of reaching more Kenyans through effective mass communications around malaria prevention and treatment. The 2015 Malaria Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices (KAP) Survey results show that 29% of all survey respondents, a representation of over 13 million people in Kenya have been exposed to Mothers Against Malaria campaign messages.

View how these life-saving treatments are produced and distributed to clinics.

From May to June 2015, the Huggies team implemented a six-week cause-marketing campaign across six retailer locations and promoted a 10% discount on every second pack of Huggies Dry Comfort. The promotion helped spread the message about the campaign and contributed to the distribution of childhood malaria treatments through the Kenya health system.

“This partnership demonstrates the caring promise of the Huggies brand to help mothers protect their babies against the number one killer of children in Kenya,” said John Loomes, General Manager, West, East & Central Africa at Kimberly-Clark International. “We wanted to do our part to confront this serious global issue while enhancing brand awareness and equity in a future growth market.”


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