Tidal Energy: The World's Next Renewable Powerhouse?

Tidal Energy: The World's Next Renewable Powerhouse?

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Friday, August 7, 2015 - 4:00pm



In a windy, protected sound off the north coast of Scotland ,a power generator is being built to harness energy from Scotland’s most abundant resource: the ocean. The generator, owned by MeyGen, a subsidiary of Atlantis Resources, LTD, is slated to be the largest tidal array in the world, with the capacity to power as many as 175,000 homes. More than 250 turbines will churn the water below the ocean’s surface, in what experts say surprisingly, is the most stable environment in which to generate electricity.

Some 350 miles south, on the western coast of Ireland, the U.S.-based Ocean Renewable Power Company is working on launching its first U.K. tidal energy array. It won’t be as big as MeyGen, but its endeavor will help add push to the U.K.’s investments in hydroelectric energy.

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Photo Credit: Atlantis Resources, LTD