There is No Such Thing as "One Size Fits All" for Conflict Minerals Compliance

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There is No Such Thing as "One Size Fits All" for Conflict Minerals Compliance

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There is No Such Thing as "One Size Fits All" for Conflict Minerals Compliance |
Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - 10:45am

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Industry experts convened at the Automobile Industry Action Group (AIAG) 2013 CR Summit in Novi, MI to discuss the challenges organizations face in developing strategies to meet Dodd-Frank Section 1502 Conflict Minerals regulatory compliance requirements.  Jordan Groves, Sales Director at Source Intelligence, provided perspective based on the hundreds of organizations Source Intelligence has worked with over the past two years and provided a synopsis of 4 different approaches to addressing Conflict Minerals Compliance: 

  • template-based data collection
  • software tools
  • consulting services
  • turnkey solution provider
"There is no such thing as one size fits all when dealing with the needs of large enterprises and the complexities associated with transparency within their supply chains." stated Groves, "Conflict Minerals Compliance bumps things up a notch when considering the sensitivity of the information you are requesting from suppliers and how deep into a supply chain you have to go to perform due diligence."
Also joining Source Intelligence on the panel were Michael Littenberg of Schulte, Roth and Zabel law firm and Jean-Paul Meutcheho of Global Advanced Metals.  Both have been at the forefront of Dodd-Frank 1502 from its inception, playing key roles in the dialog leading up to the Final Rule vote last fall and more currently providing first-hand perspective gained from working closely with so many stakeholders in the Conflict Minerals realm.  "It was an honor to be included on this panel, share some of our experience and address questions posed by AIAG members", Groves added "There are common themes amongst both Issuers and non-Issuers impacted by this unprecedented rule.  The most encouraging of all is that companies want to do the right thing.  They simply want to be smart about their approach and manage the entire scope as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.  Our Conflict Minerals Compliance Program can help them with that."  
Conflict Minerals may have been the hot topic at this year's summit but the broader takeaway might have been that the supply chain transparency movement is just getting started with more and more companies identifying ways to engage suppliers, identify risk, advance ethical sourcing initiatives and find opportunities to operate more efficiently and sustainably every day.  And its that kind of action that groups like the AIAG are helping to inspire within organizations around the globe.
Jordan Groves will be featured in an upcoming webinar, "Mitigating Conflict Minerals "Double Threat" for Original Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers". Groves will be addressing the unique level of "Double Threat" risk OEM's face with potential violations looming on either side of the manufacturing tier.