Symantec Launches Employee Volunteer Program for K-12 Schools

Symantec Launches Employee Volunteer Program for K-12 Schools

By Marian Merritt, Symantec's Director of Cyber Education and Online Safety Programs

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.@Symantec partners w/ @CommonSense to launch an employee volunteer program teaching #onlinesafety for kids! #NCSAM
Monday, October 27, 2014 - 8:40am


We can all agree that children need to be taught best practices on how to use the Internet and technology. There are many common pitfalls, and we want children to learn how to steer clear of those problems. Just as important, we want them to be kind and respectful in their online interactions, to guard their privacy and their reputation, and learn to be good digital citizens. Too often, the responsibility for this education falls in the hands of parents, who may not have the background or information to handle this effort. Some schools have added lessons and assemblies about online safety and digital citizenship into their curriculum, but still many others have not.

Symantec employees believe that our school-age children deserve to be taught these lessons and that they should be designed in a way that is appropriate for their age and their maturity level. To assist in this effort, we’ve partnered with respected parental advisory and educational nonprofit, Common Sense Media, to create a program of easy-to-use materials that employees can use to help local schools and youth groups educate their students and members. Currently, Common Sense Media has 80,000 schools and 190,000 educators registered as members. This employee volunteer program, tailored by age and topic, is designed so that anyone, anywhere in the United States, can select lesson plans for classrooms or other community groups.

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