SustainU Takes Three Steps to a Successful Stitch

SustainU Takes Three Steps to a Successful Stitch

Change Your Clothes. Change The World.
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Friday, May 11, 2012 - 7:30pm

CAMPAIGN: Sustainable Brands Conference 2012

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SustainU, a clothing company, integrates sustainability into their brand by being concious of the environment, their manufacturing process, and employment practices.

Their passion for the environment is clearly shown through the way they create their apparel. Their fabric is made from post-consumer plastic bottles, and pre-consumer recycled cotton scraps while their prints use PVC and phthalate-free ink, creating 100% recyclable clothes. SustainU is also aware of how manufacturing a product can significantly impact the environment, which is why their products take less than a 322 km radius of transport to create the yarn, knit the fabric, and cut/sew the clothes... Read more

SustainU Clothing CEO and Founder, Chris Yura, will speak in more detail about his practices at Sustainable Brands ’12 Conference. The SB’12 conference runs from June 4 – 7 in San Diego, California and brings together over 1,000 Sustainability, Brand and Innovation Leaders to share insights and strategies for better understanding the shift in consumer demand and behavior that is driving the need for radical innovation.