Supporting Women One Suit at a Time

Supporting Women One Suit at a Time

By Sheri Rhodes, Symantec's VP, Information Technology

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100+ women in the workplace will be dressed 4 success thx to @Symantec's Women in Action Network! #CSR @DFSSanJose
Friday, September 11, 2015 - 1:00pm

Interviews can be very intimating, and with only seven seconds to make a good first impression, it is no wonder that time and again people reiterate the importance of wearing professional attire for interviews.  Unfortunately, professional clothing is often times expensive and this can pose a challenge for some. Dress for Success looks to address that difficulty for disadvantaged women by providing professional attire to help them secure employment. The nonprofit promotes economic independence for disadvantaged women by also creating a support network and offering career development tools for entering the workforce. The Symantec Women’s Action Network (SWAN) Mountain View Chapter has supported the San Jose Dress for Success affiliate for the past few years.

Creating community is integral for personal and professional growth.   Within SWAN we understand the importance of creating networks for women to support professional development. SWAN is a collaboration forum for women and men to skyrocket women into leading, learning and thought provoking opportunities. It is a wonderful group that gets together to support and launch initiatives that aim to address growth, learning and networking for women within Symantec. We also encourage volunteer initiatives to give back to our community.

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