Subaru Owners Take On Yosemite Facelift

Subaru Owners Take On Yosemite Facelift

3,334 volunteers gathered 14,126 pounds of trash. Meet some of the Subaru owners who helped give Yosemite a facelift.

Kendall Lee

Deborah Easter

Omer Murray

Margaret Truxaw

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3,334 volunteers gathered 14,126 pounds of trash. Meet some of the @Subaru_USA owners who helped give @YosemiteNPS a facelift #NationalCleanUpDay #DontFeedtheLandfills
Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - 8:00am

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Meet Owners Who Were There

Kendall Lee

San Bruno, California

Passionate. About. Life.

Loves: We strongly believe in preserving what’s left of our environment, restoring what’s been lost and conserving nature’s resources. After driving the Outback on an over 3,000-mile trip to Banff, Calgary, Edmonton and Jasper in Alberta, Canada, I volunteered for two national park cleanups, and I’m looking forward to going to more in the years to come!

2018 Subaru Outback: I’ve slept in my Outback about a dozen times since we purchased it. It’s my home away from home. The length of the cargo area when the rear seat is folded down is one of the main reasons we chose the Outback. There’s plenty of cargo area for camping/climbing gear, and the roof rack is great for long fishing rods. We also chose the Outback because of its safety features, such as All-Wheel Drive, Lane Change Assist and EyeSight®.

Why Facelift: I wanted the opportunity to give back to a special place and my favorite national park, alongside other like-minded friends (both old and new), and where I proposed to my wife of 33 years and counting.

“I made a point of finding Ken Yager to thank him personally for starting the Yosemite Facelift 15 years ago. I told him how happy I was to be attending my first and that I’d be back next year!”
Deborah Easter

Concord, California

Active, Outdoorsy, Mature

Loves: I have seen many national parks, and Yosemite is my favorite. 

2014 Subaru Forester: My Forester holds everything I need. It’s weather-worthy, good looking and dependable.

Why Facelift: I’ve wanted to do the Yosemite Facelift for three years! Yosemite is a place that holds great, fond memories for me, and I wanted to show my appreciation for it. I spent a lot of time setting up base camp for my climbing friends – I don't climb, but I know the mess folks leave. Not us! 

“I found out that the Facelift event is family-friendly and is a growing, fun movement. We are making this an annual family outing.”
Omer Murray

Santa Clarita, California

Impetuous, Persistent, Curious

Loves: We have backpacked in Yosemite and the surrounding Ansel Adams Wilderness for about 50 years. About 20 years ago, I spent a summer as a volunteer bear tech for the National Park Service at Sequoia National Park. I attended a ranger talk after I had just retired, and the ranger mentioned that they were looking for a volunteer bear tech for the following year. We came up with our trailer, and I volunteered along with my wife and our dog, Danny. That summer was the highlight of my life.

2018 Subaru Outback: Since we purchased it, we started doing some backcountry exploring. I was surprised at how nimble and steady it is in off-road situations. It is very comfortable, economical and solidly built.

Why Facelift: My wife and I have traveled extensively, visiting most of the national parks in the western states. It is a privilege to be able to visit them, and I want to see them preserved. This is our second Facelift. It’s an opportunity to help preserve these lands for the future. 

“People don’t understand the impact of carelessly discarded trash and the permanent damage it does. I appreciate any efforts to educate others, as I believe the earth is at a go or no-go point. If things do not change, we are in serious trouble.”
Margaret Truxaw

San Jose, California

Creative, Wild, Woman

Loves: Yosemite. I remember the Firefall when I was a kid. Twenty-eight years ago, my extended family started annual trips together, and we stayed for a week in Curry Village’s cabins. Yosemite was our second home, and the treasured collective memories recorded in photographs continue to live in our hearts. I still need to visit Yosemite at least twice a year, and some family members do, too.

Subaru Forester: I’m driving my second Forester. It took me a while to find a car that suits me best. Now that I’ve found it, I’ll never buy any other. I love my Subaru!

Why Facelift: This year was my second time where I found the Facelift event happening in Yosemite. Three years ago, I was collecting trash in the valley and turning it into art and mobiles even before I realized the Facelift was about to happen. The volunteers hung a picture I made in their booth!

“The Yosemite Facelift is uplifting for me. When I see all kinds of people picking up trash, I say to them, ‘Thank you.’ I appreciate that Subaru respects the wilderness and the environment, and that the company attracts people with those values.”
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