From the Source: Child Labour Won't Stop With Conflict-Free Labels and Voluntary Codes

From the Source: Child Labour Won't Stop With Conflict-Free Labels and Voluntary Codes

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Friday, May 15, 2015 - 9:30am

US firms must 'take steps to improve' conflict minerals reporting, says NGOs

Supply Management. Most US public companies are failing to adequately check and disclose whether their products contain conflict minerals, according to a report. 


Child labour won't stop with conflict-free labels and voluntary codes

The Guardian. A fight is brewing in Europe over new rules for companies to report on so-called “conflict minerals”, which are commonly found in mobile phones, laptops, lightbulbs and jewellery.


Former Alstom ethics and compliance chief charged in UK for overseas bribes

The FCPA Blog. The UK Serious Fraud Office said Tuesday that it charged another former Alstom executive for bribing foreign officials. 


Chemical footprinting: Identifying hidden liabilities in manufacturing

Environmental Health Perspectives. In an unassuming low-rise in the Boston suburbs, Mark Rossi tinkers with a colorful dashboard on his laptop screen while his border collie putters around his feet.


The power of sustainability-first design

The Atlantic. For many companies, social responsibility seems to come as an afterthought. But if product developers are onboard, it can become the core of a business.



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